Animated GIF is not animated in blog post – WordPress

You’ve found a funny animated gif of a cat falling of a table, or scaring a dog… and you would like to share it in a blog post.

You go to your blog, create a new post, import the media, insert the animated gif in your post, write the rest of your post and publish it.

You go check your post is all OK and, horror, your animated Gif is not animated… Nightmare! Don’t worry, we have a simple solution for this!

Why animated GIF is not animated in blog post ?

To show your animated GIF in your WordPress blog  you must upload it using the add media tool. When you do so, WordPress makes several copies of your file, in different sizes, for different use in your blog (like thumbnails etc…).

The problem lies when WordPress creates the copies of your original animated GIF. It looses all of the frames from the file. But only on the COPIES generated. Which means your original animated GIF is still well…. animated. 🙂

All you have to do is to make sure that when you insert your animated GIF in your blog post, you select the original file. The original file is the “full-size” version in the size options. So make sure you select it and you’ll be able to show off your funny animated gif of your favourite cat! Like this one of a cat driving a car in space 🙂



This gif was found on giphy

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