Cloud computing & Hosting

IT Support Newcastle offers Cloud computing and hosting services.

Cloud computing & hosting is the use of computing resources delivered as a service over the Internet.

Cloud computing & Hosting

At IT Support Newcastle, we are supporting a wide range of businesses, from accountants and lawyers to churches and schools and colleges… We’ll always endeavour to provide the best level of IT support independently from the size or the nature of your business.

Our team of cloud computing & hosting specialists takes the time to understand how your business model and systems work. We offer a free comprehensive network consultation to make sure we setup an IT solution that is right for your business. Our team of highly skilled cloud computing &hosting specialists will look at your daily data usage, your data back-up, your broadband width, your current server setup. We’ll also check if you already have IT support or maintenance, your cabling infrastructure, the number of desktops your company uses. As part of this consultation we’ll also check your email system, if you have any issues with spam…

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Computing & Hosting, please visit this page on Wikipedia. Or contact Transcendit, they offer Cloud computing services in Newcastle

Cloud Computing

We can work with you so you can access the latest software and data without having to upgrade your existing system. We provide hosted technology allowing you access your data, desktop and applications as long as you have an internet connection.

Cloud computing can be compared as a pay-as-you-go hosting service – you only pay for what you use…. You can access all the latest technology without investing in network hardware… You pay for the service, not the equipment.

Cloud computing is to hosting what responsive web design is to websites… You can access it from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone as long as you have internet access. So simple!

Instead of setting up local servers and networks in your office, we can deliver everything over the internet. This way you can access your desktop, data and software from anywhere in the world.


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