Facebook ask a question gone

Facebook has recently removed the “ask a question” feature on pages. Yeap, Facebook ask a question gone! The feature is still available on personal account but has been removed from the “business” pages.

We can only assume Facebook is working on a way to charge businesses to use this feature as it has proven to be very popular, widely used and very effective to engage users and get important feedback.

Facebook ask a question gone

So what alternative do we have to ask a question to our Facebook followers?

It took me a bit more time to put in place in comparison to the used-to-be-normal “ask a question” from Facebook but my alternative was to create a poll using SurveyMonkey.

Follow the steps in SuveryMonkey to create your survey and then integrate it within your webpage. You can now link that survey page on your Facebook page and ask your users to visit the page and fill in the survey this way.

It is a bit less intuitive for your users and a bit less interactive/attractive but at least it does the job of gathering the information you are after.



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